Legal Malpractice has become so complicated that
you need an expert to help figure it out.

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Lawyer Malpractice has become so complicated, you need an expert to help figure it out. We provide expertise in legal malpractice, ethics, law firm fee disputes and attorney advertising.

Since 1985, has evolved into a Professional Standards and Peer Review Organization to the legal services industry. We are a consortium of recognized experts–practicing lawyers, law professors and insurance industry professionals. Our experts serve in legal malpractice cases throughout the country as consultants, litigation strategy specialists and testifying expert witnesses.

We have unique expertise in the business and ethics of law practice, including attorney malpractice, risk reduction and management, professional responsibility and disciplinary proceedings, lawyer advertising and law firm billing disputes.

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Parsippany, N.J.

“When you testified at your deposition in this very difficult case, I could not recall the last time I felt so comfortable and confident that my expert would hit a home run. Here, it was a grand slam. My client and I can’t thank you enough.”

Carbis Sales v. Eisenberg,

397 N.J. Super. 64, 935 A.2d 1236 (App. Div. 2007) where the court cited our Legal Malpractice Expert’s opinion in support of an insurance carrier which sued its own designated defense counsel for malpractice for failing to adequately prepare for trial.

Legal Malpractice
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FALL 2016 Course Syllabus: Lawyer Malpractice: Maurice A. Deane School of Law, Hofstra UniversitySUMMARY JUDGMENT

Introduction: Welcome to one of the fast growing substantive areas of the law: Lawyer Malpractice. Today, there are more lawyers than ever before and   lawyers are being sued more than ever before.  In this course, you will learn not only how to sue lawyers who negligently harm the legal interests of  their clients, but also the legal interests of third parties who are not their clients. You will also learn how to defend lawyers who…