Legal Malpractice has become so complicated that
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Professional Malpractice: Recovering Damages in Legal Malpractice Cases: An Update on What Type of Award, and How Much a Client Can Expect (New Jersey Law Journal, January 21, 2013). 


In the quickly evolving field of lawyer malpractice, one area that seems to get less attention than others is compensable damages. The question is: What types of damages can a client legitimately expect to be awarded as a result of his or her lawyer’s substandard handling of a mater?

New Jersey courts have been willing to push the envelope in this area, but Pennsylvania has been less bold–until now. Recently, Pennsylvania has seen an important appellate decision —Coleman v. Duane Morris, relating to how much a legal malpractice plaintiff can recover from a former negligent attorney. Has Pennsylvania now become more closely aligned with New Jersey’s approach?

Read more about these important developments in New Jersey and Pennsylvania’s law of legal malpractice.  

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