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Happy 2nd Anniversary and 200,000 Visitors to the Legal Malpractice Law Review

Today, we celebrate the 2nd anniversary of “going live”. At the same time, we just  welcomed the 200,000th visitor to our blog. The Legal Malpractice Law Review has become the #1 site for everything you need or want to know about legal malpractice.

We are grateful to all the Lawyers, litigants, Judges, Professional Liability Insurance professionals, law students, law professors, law clerks, even lay people who have come to visit and utilize our resources. While the overwhelming welcome we have received has been wonderful, we would love to receive your comments to help celebrate this landmark event. Just click the "Comments" button on the lower left of this post and send us a few nice words.

In our short history,  the American Bar Association’s Lawyers Professional Liability Committee took note of us and showcased this blog at its conference for 500+ legal malpractice lawyers and insurance industry executives, underwriters, brokers and claims professionals.

One guru of the legal malpractice bar– whose treatise we would all would recognize, commented that when it comes to educating law students and practicing lawyers, the way we’re doing it at the Legal Malpractice Law Review, is now “the way to go”. A senior New Jersey Law Journal reporter called us “cutting edge.”

We are a totally web based blog, whose goal is to build an easily searchable archive of all of the most important sources and resources in the law governing lawyers. Over the past two years, we have become the “go to” place for law students, law clerks, judges and lawyers conducting legal research in the field.  We post  case summaries, hyperlinked to a copy of the full text court decision. Case summaries are researched and written by senior law students who are focused on studying legal malpractice law in a full semester law school course in the subject. Experienced legal malpractice practitioners and law professors edit the student’s work before posting.

Our archive of  legal malpractice cases covers the entire country and is easily accessible without any cost to our visitors, at any time, day or night, 24/7. All you need is an internet connection, from your PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Droid or other smartphone. Our advanced word search engine on the left hand column will get you right to the cases or other resources you’re looking for. In court, in the law library, in your office or on the go, day or night, you know where to find us. We’re here. For you.

So, from the Editorial Board: Thanks for making this 2nd year so successful! And watch for even more in the coming year. 

Legal Malpractice Law Review

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