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Law Reviews Launch Into Cyberspace and Suddenly Take on New Relevancy

From Henry Gottlieb of the New Jersey Law Journal, October 28, 2009 (on line):

For students looking for interaction with authors and practitioners in a law review format, the cutting edge may be a new quasi-student online publication started by Bennett Wasserman, a New Jersey legal malpractice lawyer and an adjunct professor at Hofstra University School of Law in Hempstead, N.Y.

Started just two weeks ago, Wasserman’s Legal Malpractice Law Review is a hybrid that could be called a "blawreview" — part blog, part law review. Students write digests of leading legal negligence cases, and the postings are open to comment. The site is for lawyers and insurance professionals, and rants by disgruntled litigants are going to be flamed quickly, the "rules of use" section of the site suggests.

Wasserman is counting on comments from a board of contributors he assembled that includes lawyers on all sides of the malpractice wars, such as plaintiffs’ practitioner Glenn Bergenfield of Princeton, defense counsel Thomas Campion of Drinker Biddle in Morristown and pioneering legal ethics scholar Monroe Freedman, Hofstra Law’s former dean.

Melissa Goldberg, one of the student contributors, is also on the staff of the Hofstra Law Review, where she spends a lot of time checking citations in articles. Not only does her work on the malpractice site have a more practical effect on readers, she says, it gives her an opportunity to have her name on published work.

"You are interacting with people you wouldn’t otherwise have a chance to meet and you are getting your name on the Internet," she says. "If you Google your name, it comes right up. It’s cool to have a presence on the Internet."

It also has helped widen her horizons. "I didn’t even know until I got to law school that you could sue a lawyer," she says.


Editor’s Note: Thank you to the New Jersey Law Journal for recognizing the uniqueness  and value of the Legal Malpractice Law Review. In the 10 days since we have gone live, we have had more than 4,200 "visits" and an abundance of congratulatory comments. Thank you all for your enthusiastic welcome.

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