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Legal Malpractice Lawyers "Invade" New Orleans at Jazz Fest 2013



New Orleans’  Jazz Fest 2013 attracted  The American Board of Professional Liability Attorneys–ABPLA’s  2013 national  meeting from April 25 to 27. ABPLA was organized in 1972 as  the only organization accredited by the American Bar Association to identify and  certify attorneys in the areas of legal and medical malpractice. The coveted Board Certification is granted only  to those practicing attorneys who, because of their demonstrated  experience and ability  are recognized as bona fide specialists   in these specific practice areas of  professional liability law.  Certified specialists from both the plaintiff’s and defendant’s bar joined together for two and a half days  in a unique spirit of collegiality where the "masters" learned from the "masters"  sharing  stimulating, eye-opening and intensive  programs helping each other learn and  appreciate the work of the other. 

At the same time,  the ABA’s  Spring 2013 National Legal Malpractice Conference  was also held just up the street. There, cutting edge topics were addressed by prominent members of the ABA’s Standing Committee on Lawyers’ Liability and the insurance industry. 

Given the numbers of legal malpractice lawyers in attendance at both events, there is no doubt that the substantive area of  legal malpractice law continues to grow.  ABPLA has announced that its next meeting will be in Miami in May next year. The ABA’s fall National Legal Malpractice Conference is planned for  San Diego in September.   

Both,  worthwhile organizations and events  promoting the importance of this substantive area of the law  and raising the level of competence, quality, and ethical practices  among the bar.   Kudos to both organizations!

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