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PA: Fraud Claim will Not be Barred by Failure to Produce Affidavit of Merit

Jackson v. Gary L. Sweitzer Enterprises, Inc., 67 Pa. D. & C.4th 239 (York County 2004)

Student contributor: Justin Lieberman

PA: Underlying Real Estate Matter

Facts: Plaintiffs filed a complaint against multiple Defendants, including Attorney Sedor, in December 2003 for professional negligence, fraud, and violation of Pennsylvania’s Consumer Protection Law. The complaint alleged that their attorney was aware, or should have been aware, that appraisals of Plaintiffs’ properties were inflated. Plaintiffs were allegedly damaged as a result of this negligence in that they were unable to obtain mortgages due to these inaccurate appraisals.

Counsel for the Plaintiffs failed to file a certificate of merit against the defendnant attorney, within 60 days of filing the complaint, as required under Pennsylvania Law (Pa.R.C.P. 1042.3) in cases alleging a professional liability claim. Defendant Sedor, therefore, moved for judgment non pros. The trial court entered judgment  in favor of Defendant Sedor.

Issue: Will the failure to file a certificate of merit bar all causes of action against an attorney?

Ruling: The Court denied Plaintiffs’ petition with respect to their claim of professional negligence against the attorney, but granted it on the remaining fraud and consumer protection law violation claims. The Court reasoned that the certificate of merit requirement was created to prevent frivolous professional negligence claims, not to bar all other causes of action a plaintiff may have against his attorney.

Lesson: The failure to file the required certificate of merit in a professional negligence claim will not preclude plaintiff’s other causes of action which are not based on professional negligence, against the defendant-attorney:

When a plaintiff fails to file a certificate of merit in an action alleging professional negligence, only those claims based on professional negligence should be dismissed.

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